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Our online training program is like no other. Whether you are starting colts, improving your performance horse, riding the trails or starting out with your first horse, this training is for you!

Are you ready to take your horsemanship journey to the next level? For the cost of one month of training, or one clinic plus travel costs, you can have unlimited access to our video library and personal video coaching or face time coaching sessions for the entire year!

You pick the problem, we pick your program 

Follow the recommended lesson plan to help guide you through any problems (bucking, rearing, spooking, trailer loading, etc.)

Performance Goals

We can customize a performance plan to match your goals in any discipline.

Gain Confidence & Respect

Learn and practice the tools to correct your horse when required so you can ride alone or in a group.

Wish it. Dream it. Do it.

Find a deeper connection with your equine partner by learning horse psychology and communicating in a language your horse understands.

Colt Starting 

Step by step guide to giving your horse a solid foundation to use in any direction. Apply the steps to your broke horse to fill gaps or remove resistance.

Family. Fun. Results.

Kid friendly course set up for all ages & sizes!! Train together as a family. 

Your dreams are our goals

We want to make sure you have great success in your horsemanship journey with extra support when you need it

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Not sure if this is for you? Read on for more course and offer details

Your subscription will give you unlimited access to all our online video material - Training Thru Trust philosophy, the 7 Steps to Advanced Horsemanship, Courses 1 thru 5 (Liberty Work; Halter Work; Under Saddle - One Rein; Under Saddle - Two Reins; Collection and Neck Rein), as well as bonus material and mini courses. New videos are being added monthly.

Your subscription also includes video coaching sessions if you  run into problems or have questions (one per week). Submit a 3-4 minute video and one of our instructors will coach your video and send you your personalized lesson plan. Face time live sessions are also available with the one year subscription.

If you have a goal that isn't listed, email or message Training Thru Trust to get your personalized lesson plan.

Online Course Overview

Our extensive video library is updated monthly. We have added several examples to some of the lessons so you can see how the program is applied to a variety of horses. You'll see both horses that know the program and horses that are just learning so you'll get a real feel for what to expect with your horse. You will also see students being coached through many of the lessons

Library Overview

Training Thru Trust Philosophy: Doug explains the 7 Steps to Advanced Horsemanship and the pressure test

Common Problems: Start here if you have a specific problem on the ground or under saddle - the outline will direct you to the lessons you need to work on with your horse.

Course 1 - Liberty Work: Leadership Test, The Send, The Approach, Outside Turns, The Stop, Speed Control, Hook On, Inside Turn, Building Confidence, Obstacle Philosophy

Course 2 - Halter Work: Face and Feet Control, Lateral Flexion, Yield to Hand and Body, Yield Hips and Shoulders to a Pull, Ground Tie, Come to the Fence, Lead at the Shoulder, Lunging, Desensitizing/Building Confidence, Trailer Loading

Course 3 – Under Saddle; Yield Face to Rein, Yield Hips to Rein and Leg, One Rein Stop, Bolting, Seat Stop, Yield Shoulders to Rein, One Rein Steer, Steer With Your Eyes

Course 4 – Two Reins Under Saddle: Yield Face from the Ground, Yield Face Two Reins Under Saddle, Stay on the Rail (loose rein), Stop from the Word WHOA, Back Up, Stop from the Reins; Yield Face to One Rein (with forward movement), Yield Body From Leg (with forward movement), Follow a Feel Off One Leg

Course 5 - Collection and Neck Rein: Leg Yield, Speed Control, One Rein Collection, Two Rein Collection, Collected Stop, Two Handed Neck Rein, One Handed Neck Rein, Loose Rein Guide

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For less than the cost of a month of training or a 3 day clinic away from home, you can have one year of video library access plus 50 video coaching/face time sessions. Imagine how you and your horse will progress!




3 months access

4 lessons

unlimited video/face time coaching

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Full Access to Video Library

Customized Lesson Plan

50 Video Coaching/Facetime Sessions

Accomplish all your horsemanship goals


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Full Access to Video Library

Customized Lesson Plan

50 Video Coaching/Facetime Sessions

Accomplish all your horsemanship goals

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