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Whether you want a career training horses or to take your horsemanship goals to the next level, a Training Thru Trust Clinic is the best investment you will make.

Horses and riders that learn the Training Thru Trust program achieve what many strive to attain their entire lives. Horses become soft, obedient, patient and willing. Riders become confident with clear, smooth, understandable commands that are easy for their horse to follow. Auditors might spectate a young horse being worked for the very first time in the morning class and in the afternoon enjoy watching a working cow or performance horse group.  Doug's Clinics are open to every horse and rider, regardless of their experience level or discipline.

"I spent the weekend at Still Meadows and now look forward to the next Training Thru Trust Clinic. I learned so much and was excited to come home and try some things out - amazing feeling when I managed the same results on my own! I appreciate the one-on-one opportunities that I had and value the expert advise. Thank you Doug and Lynette!!"

Barbara Percy

Horsemanship Clinic
Sherwood Park, AB - Doug Mills
October 30th - November 1st 

Join us at Still Meadows Ranch and get a jump on your 2020 goals! Whether its halter breaking a baby, doing a first ride or fixing a first barrel Doug and Lynette are here to help. All levels of horse and rider are welcome! Limited spots available. The morning will be beginner horsemanship and the afternoon will be advanced horsemanship.
Price: $650 CAD (includes GST)

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"Amazing weekend with Doug and Lynette. My mare and I learned so much and now have more tools to go forward with. I Never thought I would ever ride around an area with a rope shank/one rein and be able to steer so precise. AMAZING!!!!! "

Rachel Farr

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